By Angela Wanjeri, Strategic Marketing & Business Develpment Specialist

Ideally when thinking about growing your business, at the gate are the potential leads for the value you are offering. A top priority to winning in the market is constantly filling up your leads by having an idea who would be interested and why.

The sales pipeline which is unique to every organization and sector, refers to identifying and converting opportunities for your business. This involves identifying pain points, connecting with the stakeholders, capturing their interest, persuading them of your value addition and eventually converting that opportunity. It is not a linear process but each step regardless of the entry point needs to be managed closely.

At the very start is identifying where the potential is. Read some snippets below on how you can increase your leads generation which is an intersect between marketing and sales:

Raising awareness about the value you are offering and focus it to the target market. They won’t know you can help if you don’t talk about it. Know your market - know your target clients and how to reach them. 

Research plays a big role in guiding the focus you have in the market, giving an indicator on challenges, trends and other movements. This helps to develop, identify or query your opportunities.

Engaging the market with your knowledge and impact from your research outcomes would create a platform for dialogue with those of interest. It also builds and strengthens your speaking points and makes you more relevant. It calls to be in circles where the market collaborates - networking.

Leveraging past, recent and new relationships and finding out what might be keeping them awake at night, how they are responding to an issue in the market and generally just engage them.

Marketing touchpoints including website, digital platforms, collateral availability among others need to be available, well managed, giving the right narrative and importantly represent your brand.

Referrals - the age old source of work is still current. Request your clients to refer peers in the industry who they think would benefit. Remember it is much cheaper in time and budget to use referrals than any other channel.

Keep "walking the corridors" (even in digital spaces) and remain active in the market, leverage past successes and even losses. In times of uncertainty, demonstrate the present value you add and keep engaging.

Even if it does not convert to a win – keep the relationship!!

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