By alericonsulting team

On Thursday, 25th June 20 2020, the team comprised of Angela Wanjeri - Marketing Strategy Advisor, Susan Kiamba - Learning & Development consultant and Ezekiel Olande - Digital Marketing consultant, engaged the market in a session dubbed Transform your business through Relationship Management - A Marketing & Skills perspective.

This is a summary of the perspectives from the discussions and embedded is the full recording of the session. 

A Marketing strategy & engagement and Digital perspective

Client Relationship Management (CRM) is a core strategy in moving forward as we get in a future that is quite uncertain following the COVID-19 pandemic. This needs to be owned at the top and driven at the core of the organisation culture. 

Is your organisation ready? 

Who is your client? – In sync with the modern marketing model, the strategy, analysis, planning and execution all have a singular focus – client experience. It is not about activity but how each interaction with a relationship elevates the experience. Start by defining who they are, relate to their uniqueness.

How are you hearing from your relationships? It is not business as usual – Everything has been disrupted including customer expectations. Organizations that thrive will stay close to their relationships and quickly evaluate how to engage them best. These are unique times and we need to continuously hear from them and respond!

How are you driving CRM across whole organization as a behavior not a tool? –– Marketing is now more than ever a core competency consisting of different touch points right from the executive, market, technical, operations among others. Creating an experience will require all parties to play together. This raises the need for Marketing to be at the fore of all points of contact with customers driving relationship management as a culture and not left to one function or an app.

Is your marketing strategy and plan in place? As they say if you fail to plan you plan to fail. It is time to be proactive about our readiness to respond to relationships in the new normal. It will not automatically happen – have a plan on how you will support the direction your organization is taking in moving forward. And be flexible to adapt as the market and subsequently relationships keep evolving.

The need for digital – The now buzzword, it is beyond social media and needs to be applied across touch points that require faster, efficient ways to reach our relationships and even revert to them. Real time feedback, planning, implementation and monitoring of trends and ideas is possibly the world we are looking towards. Social listening through social media CRM tools make it possible to track, benchmark and engage across platforms to provide better experiences. Set up correctly, you are able to pick out what your clients are saying about your brand and even competitors and respond quickly!

Learning & Development perspective 

It takes a special set of skills to nurture relationship management skills

Are your people ready?

Connection is the skill that allows you and your employees to build trust with your customers and clients. They want to know that they are more than a number to your business. They want to know that your business is a partner who helps them solve specific problems.

Communication is the channel through which your business listens to your customers and clients to understand what they need while building connections with them.

Collaboration is the ability to work with your client towards a common goal. This is often the business problem which brought them to your doorstep.

Your business can transform by leveraging the power of relationships and skilling your employees is one way to get there.



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