In marketing we prioritise understanding client touchpoints along the “client journey” and ensuring that each interaction is effective in delivering the right message and perception. The same with the marketing function in an organisation – you have internal touchpoints with the leaders, departmental heads and staff in general who influence or are also involved in your activities.

Having partnered with professional firms and other organisations, here are a number of perspectives that we have seen enhance your touchpoints with the wider organisation.

  • Understand the direction of the firm – Just having activity will not win the day or get you that sit at the table or budgets that you need. Align your focus to help the organisation achieve the goals that they are aiming or. Use the internal language, understand the different points of view and let the organisation see that Marketing is a value add to achieving that goal. Also understand the financial objective of the organisation and manage your demands accordingly.
  • You are the specialist!! – Your organisation leaders see you as their internal consultant and as such you will need to advise on the best practice in your “marketing world”. This means you need to be in touch with what is happening, the trends, developments and what industry players are doing. If working in professional service firms, remember you are working with experts in their field and you need to earn their respect.
  • Have a plan – You might not be able to do this in the first 2 weeks after you report to a new job as some may expect, but have an outline of what you are trying to do. Of course this is after you understand your team and you have a brief from your leader(s) on their expectations. You can always circle back with the whole marketing plan later, but don’t live things floating!! Marketing demands come from all over – some that you can only deliver further down the line. But also understand parameters within which you can and should be flexible!!
  • Marketing is not an island – Rarely do you work on a project alone!! You will interact with other departments and it is important to know their perspective of what you can do better and within which parameters you can involve them. Know who is the go to person and before you include them in your plan, ensure they understand what is required of them. And definitely with time understand the “power plays” . . . who you need to keep up to date, who needs to know before you communicate to all staff . . . Keep your ear on the ground!!
  • Internal awareness – Save yourself some noise and let people know what you do and the expectations they need to have of you. You definitely need to have support from a high level in the organisation that can also give that narrative on your behalf when required. Consistent reporting to critical internal stakeholders on what you are helping the organisation to achieve is important – reporting ensures you keep tabs with your marketing value addition.

Remember you are the expert in your field and the organisation is relying on you to lead them to achieve their goals!! Manage your internal stakeholders as you need them in achieving your marketing objectives.

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