By David jr – Graphic and Web Designer

Social media has become an avenue for creativity and a marketing medium. I know some might wonder ‘social media isn’t for businesses,’ fun fact: it is! You will be shocked by how businesses are developing ways to inform people that they are still up and running.

That is where during and post COVID-19 era has brought us! As they say, if you can’t beat them, join them!

This time round, we are all on social media. We are not only looking for information on the pandemic but for interesting content and trends, and with this, there is a flood of posts every time you refresh your pages, some might get your attention, others meh… keep scrolling on.

You might like to have your business tap into this social media frenzy lest you are left out and try get your share of views and attention.

Here are some ideas that we have learnt designers and the larger marketing world need to adapt to.

The Message

Do your share of changing the mood! Try as much as possible to use feel-good messages. We are tired of the news! When you open every television station or website, we are blasted with Covid-19. We are not subjected to good news. So we try as much as possible to bring back the old, better days – remember when we used to socialize. If you really need to get people’s attention, keep your message bright and happy.

Understand colours

We know men can see a smaller spectrum of colours – do not rub it in! Incorporate some colour into your message, make it eye-catching and draw people in. However, there are some colours you might need to avoid at this time.

I’m talking about the coronavirus colours that we all see on media or the NEWS ALERT warning signs colours that you see every time you have a sneeze. Trying to use inviting colours might be a way out to stop that scroll for a second.

We also need to understand that some colours evoke good or bad memories for people. For instance, sky blue and gold might just get someone to remember that last time they were on vacation or that a certain shade of yellow might remind someone else that cod liver oil.


Hey! Why don’t we try a fancy font for a change? Times Roman might show how sophisticated you are, but the fast moving world of social media might consider this boring.

You should consider trying a modern font, Myriad Pro perhaps and blend it with a fancy font (no, I am not talking about comic sans here). I know some computers come with limited fonts. You will be shocked by the number of licence free fonts that you can download from various sites.

Keep in mind, the font must be legible and clean – that has not changed!


If you must have an image in your design, get a clear sharp image. The time has come when you can take images of clear streets and skies. And if you are not a talented photographer, call one and give them your ideas.

With some skill in using vector graphic generator applications, you can show your creativity to the world. A stickman drown from the heart coupled with a great message will capture our attention.


My final point. Be creative, do some research and see what is trending and what would look nice with your design ideas, keeping in mind the message that you wish to send to the world.  

All your elements in the design should merge into a beautiful composition. If you are short in creativity, but full of ideas, you can approach a designer. Share your ideas and be open to suggestions that the designer would give. Ps. this might not be cheap.

But again, cheap is expensive. Designers have heard the famous saying “I can do this for way cheaper or free”. This has always been our cue to say thank you for the opportunity.



If you have worked with a brand professional or designer before, you probably have a branding policy and style guide that gives you some guidance on branding to start you off. If not, it is time you got one! call us.

With these few words, get your business out there. You’ve got this…


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