It is around that time of the year when most organizations are in the planning season. Marketing is one of the key functions expected to lead from the frontline.

As we partner with professional service firms and those in industry in their planning season, there are some critical “soft” areas that have emerged as a preamble to effective and focused marketing planning.

These can often be ignored till much later yet they help in setting the groundwork and direction.

  • What can you learn from your performance this year?

    Thriving marketers have a learning attitude!  

    Critically evaluate the commitments you made alongside your achievements and where they were not met what mitigations you take next year.  This also involves having that discussion with your critical stakeholders e.g. business heads, market leaders among others

    Don’t shy away! Be proactive and discuss your learnings and how you will incorporate them.

  • Numbers do speak!!

    Marketers need to love numbers

    What are your organization numbers saying? What moved in terms of clients, revenue, pipeline, share of voice among others? What was the impact of this? This calls for you to move beyond Marketing and get input from finance, commercial, technology and others.

    Use this to validate your value add, identify the gaps, opportunities for the organization and generally impress with your pro activeness in identifying where value is required.

  • Where is the organization headed next year?

    Don’t be a fish out of water.

    Ensure to focus in the same direction the organization is headed! Be in sync with your leadership on the overall direction and priorities for the next year.

    This will then inform your marketing focus and eventually even the budget scope that you so much need!

  • How innovative and agile are you to the evolving environment?

    Be current & agile!

    Marketing is a rapidly changing world and there are always new ways of doing something better. How in tune are you and what works best for your organization?

    As the gate keeper of your organization – what factors will affect the organization’s performance, brand, reputation among other marketing assets and how will you respond to them?

Prepare to plan and make the planning season more engaging, proactive and inclusive!

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