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Marketing is a critical pillar of growth and influences the way organizations interact with their ecosystem. When this is clear, then marketing acts as a catalyst to achieving value.

We define Marketing Strategy as the road map between an organisation and its clients.

To support sustainability of these organisations, we also play a role in upskilling leaders and their people to not only better engage the market but to also make suitable marketing strategic decisions and get value in their implementation.

Our perspective

We offer unique solutions to:


your growth opportunities


through experiences and best practice


through market centric strategies and solutions


focus on clients and markets


your markets and business through desired results

Our Solutions

Marketing Strategy & Implementation

Having a marketing oriented organisation is a journey that assures you of growth with your market stakeholders

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Client Experience

It is about having the client at the centre of your interactions with the market

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Business Development Focus

Having culture and processes that focus to the business performance growth of the organisation are catalysts of growth

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Our Clients

We partner with organisations exploring bespoke marketing solutions to achieve their goals.

They cut across various sectors including professional service firms and corporates in industry such as financial sector, among others.

Each client is unique and we develop unique models to engage with them in the best way possible.  


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  • Case study 1

    Our client, a consulting firm that has been in operation for 12+ years, contracted us to help them to diagnose loopholes in their client service path. We began with helping them develop their unique client service journey with very clear touch points of interactions with their clients.

    We also developed client service tools that included a client feedback model using metrics such as net promoter.

    As a result, the client is now more aligned internally, has a common approach of delivering client service and is more proactive in upselling existing clients.

  • Case study 2

    We partnered with a technology consulting firm that wanted to activate their market positioning to support their growth. We helped them define their value proposition, desired marketing position and critical channels to align to the desired marketing objectives.

    Taking that they are still an infant organization, they needed flexibility in balancing their other roles while still positioning the firm – we were able to recommend approaches that were a best fit to their current level of growth. They have now begun to position their value proposition effectively

  • Case study 3

    A lead investment company in Kenya contracted us to assist with the packaging and layout of one of their strategic departmental strategic plan.

    We were able to manage the project effectively as it involved understanding the content and the different stakeholders involved across the group and its subsidiaries.

    The output was presented at a Senior Level to the group Board and Top Management. This project was testament to our project management skills and in the client’s words “alericonsulting delivered to promise”

Who We Are

We are a strategic marketing consulting firm, partnering with organisations to better engage with their market to achieve the value they are looking for. 

At alericonsulting it is not just about having marketing activity. We seek to understand how our client would like to engage the market and the value they desire to add.

We support our clients through bespoke professional marketing solutions at the intersect of Marketing Strategy, Client Experience and Business Development to meet their needs.

Our professionalism, proven experience and value add to our clients, gives them confidence that we can partner with them to attain their desired value.


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Creating sustainable organisations that revolutionise their industries and markets.


Partnering with organisations and professional firms to catapult their growth through marketing strategy alignment to client and business development approache.

Our People

The alericonsulting team & affiliates are specialists with unrivalled experience in Africa wide markets using global solutions to customise unique growth paths for our clients.

They have gained their experience from leading organisations in industry and global professional service firms.

This team is led by a Managing Consultant whose passion is to use Marketing Strategies to accelerate organisational goals.

You are assured of a partnership that not only brings the alericonsulting team and your team to deliver required solutions, but to also achieve impact in your growth prospects.

Thought Leadership

It is not time to “ghost” your stakeholders

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit all aspects of society and we are all keen to keep track of the guidelines and updates from the Government and bodies such as the WHO. Similarly, how we communicate and engage with our stakeholders needs to be quick, bespoke and well thought through.

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Thinking about revamping leads in your sales pipeline?

Ideally when thinking about growing your business, at the gate are the potential leads for the value you are offering. A top priority to winning in the market is constantly filling up your leads by having an idea who would be interested and why.

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Bring them along your journey!!

A typical organization has different actors to any play for any agenda. They are at different levels, roles and with diverse perspectives right from the professionals, the power players, those who make things happen and those who don’t!!. Each party comes with a bias based on their background that is highly influenced by their profession and many at times "power plays".

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B2B sales: what should you be measuring?

How do you measure your business pipeline? 3x cover? Conversion? Value in lead / qualified / proposal / contracting stages?? True quality of your sales pipeline is key!!

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